Raw Texas Full Spectrum Honey

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Hemp Infused Texas Organic Honey
We use organge blossom organic honey from local South Texas Farms. The delicious sweetness and complexity of this honey will have you singing praises! 
Simple Ingredients
Raw Orange Blossom Honey, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract & MCT oil. 
650mg of Full Spectrum hemp extract per 6 oz jar 
325mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per 3 oz jar
  • 3oz (85ml)  jar: ~17 servings per jar at 1tsp
  • 6oz (170ml) jar: ~34 servings per jar at 1tsp
  • Start with half a teaspoon to guage your response & wait 30 minute between servings. 
  • Use as you would normally use honey, stir and enjoy!