Bailey's Treats

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Hey pet pawrents, ready to try our award-winning soft chews? We know how it is as fellow pet parents who treat their dog's as good (if not better) than our own children sometimes...  so we want to provide you with the best veterinarian formulated CBD soft chews money can buy!

Plus, who said treat time had to be boring?! Satisfy your pup's bacon craving with these delicious Omega Hemp Soft Chews!

Packed with fatty acids to support your furry friend's growth and overall bodily function, these chews make the perfect treat for any busy or active pup.

Each soft chew contains 3mg of our finest CBD-rich full spectrum hemp oil, contributing to your pup's daily dose of CBD to help keep them calm, healthy & happy

Whether used as a reward or a daily snack, these mouth watering treats are so tasty, even you'll need to keep your hands off 'em!