300mg Sour Diesel Full Spectrum Oil

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Our CBD oils are made with your WELLNESS journy at heart! We undestand that terpenes are an essential component to wellness. For this reason, we infuse our oils with essential Cannabis terpene oils. 

Sour Diesel a.k.a. "Sour D," is so popular and has inspired so many breeders to create various crosses that this strain has easily attained legendary status.

The particular chemotype is said to be from an underground parent strain, simply called Diesel.

The flavor of this strain is immediately identifiable. With sharp but sweet diesel overtones that has inspired many to refer to this strain as "straight gas." This is a winner in both flavor and effect.

Highest in Caryophyllene, accounting for roughly 43% of this strains profile makeup, giving this strain a very pleasant sweet backbone to build off of. Followed by Humulene and Limonene, giving this strain a floral citrus tone. Following Caryophyllene this strain is high in Humulene, Limonene, Bisabolol, Pinene, and 13 other mono/di/sesqui-terpenes.

20mg CBD/ml

Full Spectrum (less than 0.3% THC)

  • C02-extracted American hemp
  • Lab-tested for purity
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers

Ingredients: Grape seed oil, Full Spectrum, & Terpenes