1,000mg Blueberry Full Spectrum Oil

Nature's Joint CBD

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Blueberry is a classic strain that has been used to create many household-name strains of today, like Blue Dream and Blueberry Cookies. It has an extensive history and there are many different cuts going around, but the classics smell of a berry-pine that’s super noticeable.

Blueberry terpene profile has a sweet and floral flavor with tropical notes, followed by a pine blast.

Highest in a-Pinene accounting for roughly 31% of this strains profile makeup, giving this strain a very sweet pine head. Followed by Myrcene and b-Pinene, giving this strain a sweet musky tone. Following a-Pinene this strain is high in Myrcene, b-Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene and 13 other mono/di/sesqui-terpenes. An exotic strain, sure to capture your senses and have you floating off to sleep.

15ml Bottle

Ingredients: Grape seed oil, Full Spectrum CBD, & Terpenes